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Welcome to our website portfolio! We take great pride in our ability to design and develop beautiful, functional websites that meet the needs of our clients. Below, you'll find a selection of websites we've created recently.

Steps of

Website Development

Our projects grow from inception to final stage with the following processes.


Requirement Gathering

Our primary emphasis will be on thorough documentation to ensure clarity and mutual understanding, allowing both parties to align their perspectives.


Designs, Wireframes, & Mockups

We assist our clients in crafting interactive and visually captivating UI designs that effectively convey a user-friendly flow for their web, app, or platform.


Prototype Demo

After obtaining design approval, we lock in the project scope and assist our customer in experiencing a demo or prototype to get a sense of the app/web/platform's look and feel


Changes & Confirmation

Clients are encouraged to provide their desired changes and specifications for the existing platform. We will move forward with the client's approval once these changes are confirmed.



We offer optional SEO packages to assist our customers in promoting their businesses and products, providing them with valuable support to enhance their marketing efforts.


Support & Maintenance

We offer complimentary service and support in accordance with the terms specified in our agreement. Additionally, we offer customizable monthly or yearly packages to better suit your specific needs.



We consistently assist our clients in conducting final testing, User Acceptance Testing, training, and the ultimate deployment of the source code, ensuring the successful launch of their platform.



Upon receiving customer approval, we initiate development using the most appropriate technologies tailored to your needs, ensuring timely delivery in accordance with the commitments made by our technical team.


Technology Stack


Website Maintenance Service

Quick glimpse at what you can expect from us.

Our website maintenance services cover a wide range of tasks, including regular content updates, security patches and updates, website backups and recovery, website speed optimization, technical support, domain name management, analytics monitoring, plugin and software updates, and many more.

Website Development Services

AI-Driven Maintenance

Monitoring performance, identifying security vulnerabilities, resolving live website issues and etc.

Website Development Services


SSL certificates, firewalls, live intrusion detection and security updates.

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Website Development Services
Website Development Services


Happy Clients

Website Development Services


Running Projects

Website Development Services



Website Development Services




Across the Continent

Youngminds Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd., we're proud to say that our products and services that cater to customers across the continent.



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What Says Our Happy Clients

We take pride in our work, and we know that our success is measured by the happiness of our clients. That's why we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, and deliver results that not only meet but exceed your requirements. We don't just want satisfied clients; we want happy clients, and we work hard every day to make that happen.
"Your happiness is our success."


Who Love To Work Together

Getting started with our website development services is easy! First, reach out to us and let us know your specific needs and goals. From there, we will work with you to create a custom plan and design that fits your brand and budget. Once you're satisfied, we'll bring your website to life and launch it for you. Let's get started!
Our website development services can benefit your business in numerous ways. We create custom websites that are optimized for search engines and provide a seamless user experience. Our websites are mobile-responsive, secure, and easy to navigate, which can increase your online visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately grow your business. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to ensure your website remains up-to-date and functioning optimally.
Yes, it is definitely possible to hire our website developers on demand or for custom requirements. With the growing demand for online presence, we offer services that cater to the specific needs of your businesses.
NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, is a legal contract that establishes a confidential relationship between two parties. We have an NDA policy in place to protect each of us confidential information from being shared with third parties. It is important for both the parties to familiarize with NDA policy and abide by its terms to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information.
Yes, we provide PWA = (Progressive Web App), which offer a native app-like experience on web browsers, with the added benefit of being easily installable on mobile devices. It works on all major platforms and can be accessed directly from a web browser, making them highly accessible and user-friendly.
The cost of building a website can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the complexity of the site, the design, functionality, and the expertise of the developers. On average, a simple website can cost between Rs.12000/- to Rs.18,000/- while a more complex website with custom features can cost upwards of Rs.2,00,000/-. It's important to get a detailed quote from our business analyst team before starting your project.
Developing a web application requires a combination of different technologies. These include programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend, and frameworks like Angular, React, Python and backend MongoDB, NodeJs or PHP for the backend. Other technologies like databases, frameworks, and libraries are also utilized to create robust and scalable web applications. Cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud are also commonly used to deploy and host web applications.
Having a website is just the beginning, but getting it featured on the search engine is our ultimate goal. Regularly updating your website with fresh and relevant content, building quality backlinks, and ensuring your website's speed and mobile responsiveness are also critical factors that can impact your search engine rankings.
Website ownership refers to the legal rights and responsibilities that come with owning a website. This includes control over the domain name, content, design, and functionality of the site. Website ownership is an important consideration for businesses, individuals, and organizations looking to establish an online presence and protect their intellectual property. Properly establishing ownership is essential for avoiding legal disputes and ensuring the long-term success of a website.
Yes, it is possible to see the website during the developmental phase. We provide development environment to create and test websites before making them live. This allows clients to see the progress and provide feedback during the development phase. However, the website may not be fully functional or have all its features until the development is completed.
Absolutely not. Our dedicated business analyst team will analyse your requirement thoroughly and will provide you the estimated cost without keeping any hidden cost.


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