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, we anticipate the problems of our customer, and build website with solution.



We have a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors. We are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition. Every project is customized for optimum visibility and audience response.


Realestate Website

A website can give extra possibilities for the growth and development of a real estate enterprise. As a proficient and extremely reliable partner, Youngminds worked seamlessly to eventually deliver a high-quality project.

Lead generation

Engaging customers and capturing potential leads on your website is what you can get in the first place.

Establishing your expertise

Real estate enterprises are trusted only when they are good at their reputation management.

Brand awareness

Every real estate enterprise is a brand communicating a particular message to his or her target clientele.

Up-to-date information

Real estate websites offers excellent local content and coupled with decent search experience, which is bound to generate a lot of traffic.

Must Have


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Multiple listing services

A good real estate agent website should connect users to MLS data. As local databases of properties for sale, MLSs allow sellers and property owners to have their property visible and accessible for multiple agents.

real estate website development services

Set of images for real estate asset

Interest of buyers or tenants is stirred up by professionally-looking property images. So it is a good idea to set strict requirements for photos, size, format, and resolution on your platform.

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Video or virtual excursions

A tour inside a chosen home tells even more about a real estate asset than the most detailed and quality set of images. A video excursion is a great alternative.

real estate website development services


To find a perfect place, a buyer has to communicate his or her requirements clearly while sellers and real estate agents have to adequately respond to these interrogations. Thus we provide an inbuilt messaging tool, which is convenient for all.


Features We Provide

Multiple Listing Service

A modern MLS consists of software that integrated by our developers, allows real estate agents and brokers who are selling properties to find brokers of potential buyers and vice versa. An MLS allows brokers to see one another’s listings of properties for sale with the goal of connecting homebuyers to sellers.

Calendar Tool

Connecting a calendar tool to your real estate platform, will let users check real estate agents’ availability and allow booking meetings to look over the property. In such a manner, property owners, realtors, and customers can access the calendar, view and edit details of events unless they are blocked from doing that.

Financial Tool

This feature offers a financial tool for calculating house affordability by considering criteria like annual household income, salary and other incomes (before tax), mortgage loan term, interest rate and more. Also, it is great when the difference between the cost of buying and renting a real estate asset is readily illustrated.

Steps Of

Realestate Website Development

Our projects grow from inception to final stage with the following processes.

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For your real estate website to be great, its structure has to be well-planned and -designed. So, from the very beginning, enumerate the basic and advanced features you would like to pack it with and therefore ease the problem. Then, try and formulate your purpose in developing a website, the main goals in doing so, and explore who your target audience is.

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes

At this stage, your website’s structure is taking shape. Wireframing, mockup development that relies on these wireframes and your future website design prototyping are all good for creating a site that makes a good first impression. It takes planning to design a high-performance website, so your logo, the color scheme, images, and other user interface elements have to be arranged both sequentially and consistently on each page. Since users complete tasks in a certain order, make sure to organize elements in a way to reflect that order and help users navigate your content.

Design & Development

The designing team takes over from here and creates an elegant and user friendly UI design to satisfy customer demand. Once the design is approved, the developing team steps in implementing the functionalities and processes.


Once the application is developed, it goes through multiple rigorous testing channel to make sure that the application is entirely bug free with a smooth working flow.

Project Deploy

After getting a green signal from our testing team, the application is then deployed to live.

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Tools and Tech Stack

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about Our Real Estate Design Services

A real estate website development cost starts from ₹ 9999 and the cost will be extended according to the size, storage, data, designs and advancements included in the website.

The duration may differ from one project to other. Our team will give you an rough estimation before getting started with the project. If it is a simple website we can complete it within a week. If it is complex it may take months.

Yes, we provide real estate website maintenance services.

Yes we do. We will understand your requirements and work accordingly to deliver the best results to fulfill your needs.

Building a website will help you expand your outreach and have a wider market range. Visibility or your product and services will enhance the growth of your brand as well as its brand awareness.

The realestate website is a golden opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services in an interactive and unique way. You can generate organic traffic through various marketing strategies to increase lead generation and your sales.

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