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Do your businesses require a website?

Considering the rapid expansion of the real estate market, it is necessary for real estate companies to use interactive websites to attract the interest of prospective customers. At Youngminds Technologies, we provide fully scalable, highly creative, feature-rich custom real-estate management software along with real estate website design, FSBO (For Sale by Owner) website design, and real estate MLS (Multiple Listing Services) website design. Our real estate website developers assist you in expanding your geographic reach and incorporating solutions that save time for both sellers and potential buyers. As a top real estate website development company, we design intuitive site navigation and site layouts that help users find exactly what they're looking for on websites.

Benefits of a Real Estate Website

Comprehensive Online Strategy Online Presence
With a website, customers who are interested may find you and learn more about your services more easily because your real estate business has an online presence.
Comprehensive Online Strategy Property Listings
It is easier for buyers to find their dream house when you have a website where you can display your property listings with images, descriptions, and virtual visits.
Comprehensive Online Strategy Credibility
Establishing your real estate company as a respectable and effective organization in the market can be helped by a well-designed website.
Comprehensive Online Strategy Branding
In order to stand out from the competition, a website may help you develop your brand and highlight your unique selling proposition.
Comprehensive Online Strategy Lead Generation
By enabling direct client communication through the internet, a website can generate leads for your real estate business.
Comprehensive Online Strategy Cost-Effective
If you compare traditional advertising tactics like newspaper ads or outdoor advertising, you'll find that promoting your real estate business through a website is more affordable.

Build a Real Estate Empire

Custom Real Estate Website Development Services

Youngminds Technologies is the place to go when you need Custom Real Estate Website Development Services. Our talented staff uses cutting-edge technology to design unique real estate websites. We enable real estate agents to present their listings and communicate with clients effortlessly by focusing on user-friendly design, advanced search functionality, and seamless CRM integration. With Youngminds Technologies on your side, you can improve your online presence, boost conversions, and stay ahead of the competition in the real estate market.

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Website Development Services


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We have a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors. We are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition. Every project is customized for optimum visibility and audience response.


Must-Have Features for Real Estate Website

Property Listings : Property listings is the most important feature of a real estate company website, where listings for real estate should provide comprehensive details of the property.

Search Bar : Depending on their interests, visitors can quickly locate the properties they are interested in using a search bar or search criteria.

Responsive Design : The website needs to be optimized for various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

Contact Details : A comprehensive real estate website should feature essential contact information to facilitate seamless communication between visitors and the business, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Testimonials : Gaining the trust and credibility of prospective customers can be achieved by providing testimonials or reviews from prior clients.

Surrounding Information : Giving guests details about local facilities, restaurants, and schools in the surroundings where the properties are situated can be useful.

Blog : A blog can be utilized to give readers insightful information on news, local trends, and the real estate market.

Social Media Integration : By including links to social media on the website, users can interact with the real estate firm on a variety of social media networks.

Website Development Services

Why Choose

Youngminds for Real Estate Website Development Services?

Youngminds Technologies helps you modernize your real estate firm or revamp your business platform with a user-friendly application for improved performance and outcomes. We are the go-to professionals for the best real estate app development solutions. With the help of our Real Estate Mobility Solutions, you can provide 24-hour services to your consumers, allowing them to access you online at any time. Our technology solutions for real estate can help you provide better customer service.

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Steps of

Realestate Website Development

Our projects grow from inception to final stage with the following processes.


Requirement Gathering

Our primary emphasis will be on thorough documentation to ensure clarity and mutual understanding, allowing both parties to align their perspectives.


Designs, Wireframes, & Mockups

We assist our clients in crafting interactive and visually captivating UI designs that effectively convey a user-friendly flow for their web, app, or platform.


Prototype Demo

After obtaining design approval, we lock in the project scope and assist our customer in experiencing a demo or prototype to get a sense of the app/web/platform's look and feel


Changes & Confirmation

Clients are encouraged to provide their desired changes and specifications for the existing platform. We will move forward with the client's approval once these changes are confirmed.



We offer optional SEO packages to assist our customers in promoting their businesses and products, providing them with valuable support to enhance their marketing efforts.


Support & Maintenance

We offer complimentary service and support in accordance with the terms specified in our agreement. Additionally, we offer customizable monthly or yearly packages to better suit your specific needs.



We consistently assist our clients in conducting final testing, User Acceptance Testing, training, and the ultimate deployment of the source code, ensuring the successful launch of their platform.



Upon receiving customer approval, we initiate development using the most appropriate technologies tailored to your needs, ensuring timely delivery in accordance with the commitments made by our technical team.

Tools and Tech Stack

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Frequent Asking Questions

A real estate website development cost starts from ₹ 9999 and the cost will be extended according to the size, storage, data, designs and advancements included in the website.

The duration may differ from one project to other. Our team will give you an rough estimation before getting started with the project. If it is a simple website we can complete it within a week. If it is complex it may take months.

Yes, we provide real estate website maintenance services.

Yes we do. We will understand your requirements and work accordingly to deliver the best results to fulfill your needs.

Building a website will help you expand your outreach and have a wider market range. Visibility or your product and services will enhance the growth of your brand as well as its brand awareness.

The realestate website is a golden opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services in an interactive and unique way. You can generate organic traffic through various marketing strategies to increase lead generation and your sales.