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For whom it’s useful?

If you are a manufacturer or distributer and you want to save significant time in managing and delivering orders to your customers across geography then it's for you. You can fulfil an order that involves shipping items from multiple locations through delivery boy in cost effective manner. Another benefit of SOM is that it is highly user friendly to manage your sales volume and new delivery channels.

  • Resource planning

    Agro-chemical distributer

  • Resource planning

    Ayurvedic wholesale business

  • Resource planning

    Automobile product wholesaler

  • integration

    Electrical appliances

  • warehouse

    Furniture business

  • warehouse

    Glassware business

  • warehouse

    Gift & Handicraft Business

  • warehouse

    Kitchen utensils business

  • warehouse

    Medical Equipment distributer

  • warehouse

    Stationary wholesale business

  • warehouse

    Toy wholesale business

  • warehouse

    Wholesale in textile

  • warehouse

    Wholesaler of grain

Is it easy to use?

As a business owner, you can simply login from any device (desktop / phone) and place your customers order list in the software as per your customers demand. This software ensures you place the order with invoice which is to be delivered to your customer by your delivery boy. You can manage your delivery, recover payments as well as replenish the stock based on top selling product statistics available on dashboard of this software. Furthermore you can manage your staff role and allocate task for them. When you use Order Manager, your orders are on the web round the clock accessible to your staff.



Admission Management

User features

  • You can create multiple users
  • Enable / Disable permission to users
  • Order Status - Live Tracking
Managing features

Managing features

  • Easy entry & managing of orders
  • Order Summary – shows order items & quantities
  • Auto generation of invoices for your orders
Statistics Dashboard

Statistics Dashboard

  • Total customers
  • Top selling products
  • Total business amount
  • Total amount collected


  • Product wise order report
  • Customer wise order report
  • Payment received report
  • Pending Payment report
How to Use

Order Management Software?

Youngminds is the premier provider of a wide range of ERP solution to make your business simpler, faster & more profitable. We offer excellent solutions for customer order management and delivery of products. Order management software is designed by integrating the data between orders, inventory of an organization for faster shipping and fulfilment of orders.

order management software
We offer solutions across

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Own an ERP completely customized to meet your specific business requirements.

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Browser / Web

Gain the flexibility to do your business from absolutely anywhere in the world, anytime!

Mobile application

Mobile / Tab / iPad

Get up-to-the-minute information at your fingertip, improve service quality.

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