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Youngminds is the premier provider of a wide range of healthcare website services. We help medical firms and practitioners including hospitals, diagnostic canters, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nursing homes, physicians, dentists and other healthcare organizations in finding and engaging new clients or patients for their business.


Healthcare Website

The success of healthcare providers relies on the quality of their service. On the other hand, in an age where most of us search for information online before making a decision, a well-designed healthcare website is the most important marketing asset. As a proficient and extremely reliable partner, Youngminds worked seamlessly to eventually deliver a high-quality website for you.

Up to date information

A good website offers excellent information about the services you provide coupled with testimonials, generate a lot of traffic.

Lead generation

Engaging customers and capturing potential leads on your website is what you can get in the first place.

Brand awareness

Every healthcare enterprise is a brand communicating a particular message to his or her target clientele

Establishing your expertise

Health care industries are trusted only when they are good at delivering & showcasing their expertise through quality service & care.



Patient appointment

Your patients will be able to select a preferred time slot for doctor’s appointment, provide contact information and even request their insurance information on the spot. Forms can also help you gather personal data without having to collect it in person.

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The main advantage of using chatbots is that it allows patients to engage in conversations with healthcare professionals without having any need to wait their turn patiently at the clinic waiting room like it used to happen before.

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Testimonials Page

The testimonials page is an important feature for your healthcare practice website. It gives your visitors or patients a glimpse about what they can expect from you and creates more trust. It also makes patients feel that they are not alone in their journey to better health.

healthcare website development company

Email Automations

We make sure that you have a system in place to stay connected with your patients and keep them informed about the latest updates. You can use this as an opportunity to promote any new specials or services available at your practice too.

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Blog Page

Consistent publishing of content relevant to your healthcare practice on blog, demonstrates your expertise in your field and keeps visitors engaged. The best you to do this is to publish at least one blog post a week, and include images, or videos while posting it.

healthcare website development agency

FAQs Page

A helpful FAQ page will take you a long way with patients. This page is a treasure trove of information for patients, most often those who have never visited your practice before and are looking for information about your services.

healthcare website development company

Features We Provide

Appointment management

A appointment management web application consists of software that integrated by our developers, allows health care personnel to manage patients, utilize physicians, increase staff productivity and patient satisfaction.

Patient management

Patient management web application helps you manage patient information and their medical history as well as tracking their interaction & touchpoints. It also makes easy for patients to access test results, prescriptions, etc.

Payment management

A good payments management system ensures that all transactions are secure. With this capability, managers can manage transactions, while keeping the organisation's finances secure.

Steps of

Healthcare web development

Our projects grow from inception to final stage with the following processes.

healthcare website development company


For your real estate website to be great, its structure has to be well-planned and -designed. So, from the very beginning, enumerate the basic and advanced features you would like to pack it with and therefore ease the problem. Then, try and formulate your purpose in developing a website, the main goals in doing so, and explore who your target audience is.

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes

At this stage, your website’s structure is taking shape. Wireframing, mockup development that relies on these wireframes and your future website design prototyping are all good for creating a site that makes a good first impression. It takes planning to design a high-performance website, so your logo, the color scheme, images, and other user interface elements have to be arranged both sequentially and consistently on each page. Since users complete tasks in a certain order, make sure to organize elements in a way to reflect that order and help users navigate your content.

Design & Development

The designing team takes over from here and creates an elegant and user friendly UI design to satisfy customer demand. Once the design is approved, the developing team steps in implementing the functionalities and processes.


Once the application is developed, it goes through multiple rigorous testing channel to make sure that the application is entirely bug free with a smooth working flow.

Project Deploy

After getting a green signal from our testing team, the application is then deployed to live.

healthcare website development company

Tools and Tech Stack

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about Our Website Design Services

A website development cost starts from ₹ 9999 and the cost will be extended according to the size, storage, data, designs and advancements included in the website.

The duration may differ from one project to other. Our team will give you an rough estimation before getting started with the project. If it is a school website we can complete it within a week. If it is a college or university, then it may take more than a week or month.

Yes, we provide website maintenance services.

Yes we do. We will understand your requirements and work accordingly to deliver the best results to fulfill your needs.

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